Dr Rae is experienced in training medical/dental licensed professionals in Aesthetic Facial treatment planning, toxins and dermal fillers as well as placement and technique for PDO threads. Dr. Rae has developed a program to go beyond basic injecting techniques to ensure that her students have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and harmony to achieve the best results with their aesthetic protocols. 

Hear what the doctors are saying:


I took a semi-private Botox/Fillers course with Bonnie. She has extensive training and is an excellent clinician. She taught us not only the basics of facial anatomy/nerves/injections but also how to access the patient as a whole rather than focus on just one problem area or one product.  We got hands-on training and were allowed to shadow her in the office while she was consulting both new and established patients. This was extremely advantageous as we were able to  understand the entire process from beginning to end.  I highly recommend this course for all levels of training and experience!!

- Dr. Rawan Kablawi

She is an excellent clinician and the course was both comprehensive and allowed for real-time practice. This course was unique in that we learned how to look at a patient's face as a whole and plan treatments with the most appropriate products for each problem area (as opposed to learning about just toxin or fillers and trying to treat a whole face with just one product). I feel as if I can confidently counsel patients on and perform the best treatment options for each individual. I would highly recommend this course to "tie it all together."

- Dr.Courtney Burgess

A true Value, We spent 2 wonderful days with Dr. Bonnie Rae and not one minute was wasted. The small group and personal instruction along with live patient hands on training left us feeling confident to begin treating patients safely and with great results.

- Dr. Thorpe Jacob

- Dr. Kathleen Bott

- Dr. Jamie Wheeler